How can you make your children safe from allergies? DBV Technologies may have an answer…

We live in a world where allergies are becoming increasingly prevalent – and affecting children from an ever-earlier age too. This is naturally a real worry for many parents.

The Viaskin patch has real potential as a pediatric allergy treatment


Taking a look at the DBV Technologies website, however, could help set parents’ minds at rest somewhat, given the strides this French-based company is making in the field of allergy diagnosis and treatment, including pediatric allergy treatment.

Progress is coming in the shape of an adhesive patch called the Viaskin patch. This is being developed in several different variants, including milk, peanut and egg – you can see for more details.

The picture below gives a better idea of the patch’s structure and mechanism of action – and shows why it’s so suitable as a treatment for children. It’s small, discreet, can be applied very easily, doesn’t cause any kind of discomfort or pain and may be taken off at any time. Work on the patch is currently ongoing, and additional versions are being developed which will target other common allergies and allergic conditions, so watch this space!

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