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How can you make your children safe from allergies? DBV Technologies may have an answer…

We live in a world where allergies are becoming increasingly prevalent – and affecting children from an ever-earlier age too. This is naturally a real worry for many parents.

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DBV-Technologies – exploring the potential of epicutaneous immunotherapy

DBV Technologies is a French company that’s exploring new techniques in the field of EPIT or epicutaneous immunotherapy, as it’s also known. This is a completely different approach to treating allergies compared with the injection of allergens into the body or the use of oral drops. It involves a patch, called the Viaskin patch, which is placed directly onto the skin.

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Eden Luxury Homes – your seaside holiday just got a lot more sophisticated!

Eden Luxury Homes ( specializes in sourcing and marketing luxury holiday rentals across the world. Destinations range from the tropical to the Alpine, but a great many of their properties are located within easy reach of the sea, whether it’s the Pacific, the Caribbean, the Indian or the Atlantic. With the tourism titans of Spain, France and Italy all having a Mediterranean coastline, it’s not surprising that there’s plenty of choice in this part of the world.

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